Property Management & Asset Management

Our management strategy begins by addressing the curable deferred maintenance such as cleaning vacant spaces for showing.

Real Estate Property and Asset Management, Greensboro, NCGray-Court Commercial also places a strong emphasis on preventative maintenance. In our experience, preventative maintenance is the best and most cost efficient type of maintenance. We will negotiate all vendor contracts and scheduling of repairs. We will verify that all repairs are completed in a timely manner and must be approved before payment.

The most valuable asset of any investment property is the tenant. Tenant retention is a critical factor in successful property management and profitability. We make sure your tenant’s daily operational and long-term space needs are met quickly and efficiently. We achieve this by keeping an open communication line and responding quickly to tenant’s needs.

Our Property management team provides you with the following financial reports on a monthly basis: 

- General LedgerIncome/Expense Statement
- Delinquency Report/Aged Receivables
- Balance Sheet
- You may have other reports that you will require which we will customize to meet your needs